Guy Ralph -


Guy Ralph Driven Shooting & Fieldsports Limited is the brainchild of New Zealand's top Sporting Agent for driven wing shooting.  Growing up in the UK spending every winter on local Sporting Estate's, Guy started off in the beating line with his faithful spaniel Lee, progressing to picking up, loading, and finally his own peg.


In 1996 Guy immigrated to New Zealand to pursue a career in the dairy industry. With his penchant for wing shooting, it wasn't long before he started one of the first driven shoots in New Zealand, also assisting other estates in starting up.  With Guy's personable nature, organisational skills and eye for detail it was a natural progression to starting a sporting agency, hosting tours in both Hemisphere's.

Beth Wilson -


Beth is the oil in the machine that keeps Guy Ralph Driven Shooting & Fieldsport's Limited exceeding clients expectations.  Beth is the intermediary between our client's and outfitters. 


Also growing up in the UK on various sporting estates, her love for all things driven shooting led to the emigration of her two working cockers alongside her, and can now regularly be found picking up at local shoots.  Her upbringing within the sporting industry aids her wealth of knowledge in providing the very best in luxury sporting experiences, worldwide.