Big Game Fishing, Sport it what you will, it all amounts to one hell of a good day out.

The big boys of the fishing world are all abundantly available in New Zealand waters, if you know where to go.  Luckily for you, we have the people in the know just waiting to take you out and capture, not only that Striped Marlin you've dreamed about hooking, but also the photo to hang above the mantel, so you can re-live the fight every day.  Below are some of the most prized big game fish we can get you on to.

Kingfish: Incredibly abundant, ranging from North Island to northern South Island. A powerful fighter reaching a top weight of over 50 kg (120lb). Can be taken by land-based game fishing. All year round in the north.

Striped Marlin: New Zealand has reputedly the largest marlin in the world and many world records to prove it. Best fishing off the East Coast from December to June.

Pacific Blue and Black Marlin: Both comparatively rare, but achievable in New Zealand. Best fishing off the East Coast from January to April.

Broadbill: A rare but prized catch, widespread in midwater and usually offshore. Best fishing from November to March.

Yellowfin tuna: Powerful fighter mainly on the East Coast. Whakatane is a noted yellowfin tuna base. Best fishing from December to April.

Mako shark: Most abundant in the North Island, particularly the Far North. With a streamlined body, it is a powerful fighter and spectacular leaper. Best fishing in summer.

Hammerhead shark: Regularly enters New Zealand’s northern waters in summer.


Other sharks such as bronze whalers and tiger can also be caught.  Please contact us for further information.