New Zealand is fast becoming the go to destination for outstanding pheasant and partridge shooting, where traditional British driven shooting meets with rugged mountains, alluvial rivers and native forest.  Pair this with the world renowned warm hospitality of New Zealanders, and you really are in God's Own. 

Our New Zealand Sporting Estates are run to a similar format to those found in the Northern Hemisphere, but with a colonial twist.  Meeting in a native-timber woolshed built in 1878, shooting outstanding drives in dramatic landscapes, elevenses and lunch made only from the freshest local fare and finest New Zealand wines.  Pair this with truly sky-high pheasants and faster than lightning partridges, our days will be rating at the very top of your sporting achievements.  

New Zealand shooting is world class in quality, yet still a hidden gem, where everyone is important and treated accordingly. Our team will provide you with an experience that is exacting to your needs and ensure that you leave asking when you can return next.

Old World Tradition meets New World Adventure