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Ultimate Wilderness Hunting Amidst Spectacular Landscapes

Our belief is that the memories and stories that unfold from the hunt are as just as important as the Trophy. Our clients tell us it is the spectacular terrain and vistas that we hunt in, the banter and friendships that evolve between the guides and client that makes our experiences truly special. We offer all sorts of game species throughout New Zealand on well managed properties, presenting us limitless options to ensure both the quality of the animals and terrain can be matched to each hunter.

Bull Tahr: To see a Bull Tahr traversing precipitous rock or snow at speed is nearly as magnificent as the animal itself.  The best time to hunt Tahr falls during May-July, during the rut.  At this time, the Bull Tahr are pursuing nannies so are more active and visible. Trophy animals are highly regarded as having a thick winter coat, often taking precedence over horn length.

Chamois: Chamois are an agile, alert mountain antelope, and widely considered the most beautiful of all game species in New Zealand. These animals are challenging to hunt due to the habitat they live in and their sharp eyesight, making them an extremely rewarding trophy.

Sika Stag: Sika are now the second most common deer in New Zealand and are distributed across about 6000-7000 sq. km of the central North Island.  Smaller and more difficult to hunt than red deer, Sika trophies are highly prized. The trophy head typically has eight points but up to twelve is not uncommon. Glass your trophy at distance before experiencing the true stalking challenge of trying to close the distance and secure your trophy.

Red Stag: New Zealand is famous for its superior Red deer herds and we are proud to have access to some of the best animals.  Both free range and estate land hunting is available, with trophies ranging from management animals, to SCI world record heads. With the luxury of having multiple areas to hunt, we can cater specifically to every client's fitness ability and trophy wish.

Sambar Stag: The Sambar is the most cunning deer species in New Zealand and thus ensuring a good challenge for the serious trophy hunter.   A mature Sambar stag can weigh around 700lbs, with the dense antler making it a highly sought after South Pacific Trophy.

Goat: Goats are widespread throughout New Zealand and while plentiful, their distribution is somewhat localised.  Many hunters rightly consider a Billy Goat head a worthwhile addition to their trophy collection, with some horns reaching extremes of 45 inch spreads.

Wallaby: Both Dama in the North Island and Bennett's Wallaby in the South Island, are available for shooting.  Incredibly fast and elusive when disturbed, hunting these are not for the faint-hearted.  Great sport in hunting this introduced species.

Additional quarry species are available for hunting; please contact us for further information.