"Keep your place and silent be; Game can hear, and game can see; Don’t be greedy, better spared

Is a pheasant, than one shared." 

A Father's Advice, Mark Hanbury Beaufoy; 1902

Nothing gets the pulse going more than hunting in companionship with a couple of well trained dogs, whether spaniels nose down working thick cover, or pointers indicating, you're never ready for the explosion of small game from cover on a walked-up day.


If you perceive walked-up shooting to be just the odd pheasant or a solitary rabbit, then think again.  New Zealand has a vast number of quality wing, ground game and waterfowl hunting countrywide.

Pheasant, Californian Quail, and Partridge: All available on our walked-up days on some of our fantastic driven shooting estates.

Waterfowl: to include Mallard, Paradise Shelduck, Canadian Geese, Black Swan, and more.  Hunted over decoys either waterborne or in the paddock from layout blinds.  Good bags can be achieved of Canadian Geese and Paradise Shelduck especially.

Rabbit and Hare: Usually part of walked-up rough shooting in the North Island but in areas of the South, we can provide specialist days with large bag numbers.

Wallaby: Both Dama in the North Island and Bennett's wallaby in the South Island, are available for shooting.  Incredibly fast and elusive when disturbed, hunting these are not for the faint-hearted.  Great sport in hunting this introduced species.

New Zealand is subject to regional seasons and bag limits, please contact us for further information.